"Obunga Nine Foundation"

"Obunga Nine" is a "Kenyan Registered Foundation" focusing on sustainable development.

The goal is to uplift people's lives in urban slum areas and to improve agriculture from subsistence farming in the villages using biogas, drip irrigation, poly tunnels, and affordable agricultural machinery, creating a sustainable new life-style that has zero waste by turning it into a resource - to achieve zero waste and produce a surplus of energy and food providing jobs and food security.

"Urban Slum Areas"

"Obunga Estate" is a shanty estate on the North-East side on Kisumu adjacent to the bypass. It seems to have been forgotten by the rich. Due to theft of tools, the author decided to visit the shanty estate to see for himself the living conditions of the residents. You can, by clicking on the main menu: "projects" >>> "urban slum area" or by going to "download", view the pdf document, see the photos with the open sewers and the poor housing. After being warned that it is dangerous to venture into the estate the author found only respectful and genuine people who are struggling to raise families in very poor circumstances.

"Sustainable Agriculture"

Sustainable Agriculture suggests that it is in harmony with the natural forces of nature and mother earth. Much of our food is farmed in a way that destroys the soil and the environment around it, killing insects, wildlife and eventually the humans that eat this food.

In Western cultures, cancers, and other diseases are remedied by huge costs to National Governments or individuals who must pay enormous sums for drugs and medicines. However, there is a responsibility to not only feed our own families but also to feed a hungry world. Agriculture is the foundation of all civilization!