"Sustainable Agriculture"

Sustainable agriculture is a new approach to growing food but yet uses knowledge from the past and combines it with new techniques. Here in Kenya as in other hot countries the climate has become unreliable with rains becoming unpredictable and scarce in many regions. In other regions too much rain comes at once causing flash flooding. Food security is more important now than it ever was with increasing population and it is not good enough to grow food for our own family alone while a hungry world struggles to eat.

Sustainable agriculture needs a combination of new ideas to help increase crop yield without using chemicals. These include:
  • drip irrigation

  • biogas

  • poly tunnel greenhouses

  • affordable machinery

"Poly Tunnel Greenhouses"

Growing tomatoes in Kenya is usually done outside and not under cover. This results in discolouring and open to diseases. During the rainy season the plants and fruits become rotten due to too much water. Lack of rotation results in ground wilt, a bacteria that remains in the soil and multiplies which has destroyed whole regions of potatoes, tomatoes and other crops.

Tomatoes lying on the ground causes yellowing on the underside and can be easily reached by ground insects.

"Drip Irrigation"

Drip irrigation has revolutionised farming in Israel which has transformed desert to farmland. First used over 60 years ago in the Holy Land, Israel exports more fruit and vegetables than Kenya and Uganda put together.

Simple gravity fed systems are affordable and give excellent returns in less than one year. The water saving system cuts costs and does not waste water which now is a precious commodity. See more by clicking on the main menu under "sustainable equipment".


Biogas is a sustainable way of providing fertilizer for your crops. It uses cow manure mixed with water which ferments in the digester producing methane gas that can be used for cooking, lighting and even heating water for a shower.

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"Towable Backhoe"

Suitable for digging drainage ditches, holes for biogas digesters, ponds and other holes in the ground.

This model can be towed behind a vehicle and digs up to just over 2 metres deep.

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"Walking Tractor"

Walking Tractor
  • two disc plough

  • twin harrow plough

  • tiller rotavator
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