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To become a member of "Obunga Nine Foundation" you will need to fill out the form on the right and click "send"

The cost of registration is a minimum of 50 ksh with a minimum monthly prescription of 30 ksh. If at anytime your prescription is not received by the last day of each month then your membership will be terminated. To become a member again you will need to pay the registration fee! You must be 18 years old or over.

Why become a member?

By becoming a member you will be able :
  • to take part in decision making

  • be eligible for election on the board or committee

  • appointment to sub-committees

  • to take part in projects
If you want to become a member and are under 18 yrs old then you can with the written permission of your parents, but this is a non-voting membership.

Please, fill in the form below and click "send"

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What happens next?

After you have filled in the form and sent it, you will be contacted by the secretary. You will be asked:
  • to complete a

    registration form

  • for a copy of your ID


  • to pay your registration


  • to pay your first month's


We look forward to you joining with us!