The Directors:

Jeremy Smith

Initiator and chairman of Obunga Nine Foundation, Jeremy Smith is orininally from the UK. He is a teacher by profession and a carpenter by trade. He has lived and worked in India, China, Israel and Latvia as well as in different localities in the UK and Western Europe.
Vivienne Ombero

Vivienne is treasurer and PA to Jeremy Smith. She is from Asembo. She trained in tourism and hospitality and worked as a receptionist at Scottish Tartan Hotel. She is now helping to set up a Sustainable Development project.
Michael Kudoto

Vice Chairman, Mr Michael is from Mumias. His expertise is with the science of growing plants. He has been developing new knowledge about the life cycle and diseases relating to different vegetables. He also has had experience in the construction industry.
Janet Sakwa

Janet is our secretary and has had previous experience in this with another non-profit organisation.
Lilian Otieno

Lilian is assistant secretary and is a good organiser. She has a good voice as leader of a local church choir.
Barack Odhier

Barack is our assistant treasurer. He knows a lot of people because of his work as a salesman and agent. He is also flexible and likes to do different work.